Partnering with you to keep your employees safe and protect profit.

As an engineering and risk management consultancy operating across diverse industries, including military, manufacturing, food & drink, leisure, energy, transport, and waste, our core focus is on providing you with comprehensive assurance services in asset management, process safety, and health and safety.

Removing doubts, fears and risks from your business is critical for prevention and improvement.

Our consulting services provide reassurances and bespoke solutions focused on your assets, processes and people.

The end result is protecting all of them while optimising business efficiency.

Some business leaders come to us needing answers on potential hazards or risks to be identified. Others seek peace of mind for employees and stakeholders, or business assurances.

And more want to safeguard their operations or protect their hard-earned reputation.

Our cross-industry expertise means we can help with all those needs, reducing your anxiety and providing room for secure business growth.

We work closely with companies to develop robust risk management strategies, enhance safety measures and establish an authentic culture of safety in their organisations.

At the centre of every project is ensuring the safety of personnel, meeting regulatory requirements and asset protection.

How is the service delivered?

Assessing your needs

Firstly, our consulting team will meet you to discuss the project needs, goals and any constraints in detail.

Unlike other firms, we understand that you may need some help with scoping. We guide you through challenges with the aim of empowering you for the future as a legacy of the project.

Research and analysis

Next, we will work closely with you to gather information. This work may involve a site visit or other relevant means.

At this stage, we can involve your team as much or as little as you want.
At the same time, our experts will study existing systems, conduct surveys, assess risks and identify opportunities for improvement.

Report on findings

All of our projects include a high-quality report.

This report will show the findings and highlight any recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your assets, process and manage the project plus deal with any health and safety risks.

Assurance and reassuring

Once our recommendations are delivered, we want to provide you with business assurances and the help needed to make improvements.

Together, we will work to validate any project changes against the recommendations, closing the project cycle.

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Consulting insights

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