Process Safety Management

Preventing catastrophic events from impacting your businesses, people
and the environment.

‘What can go wrong with my process? And how can I stop it from happening?’ These are the questions business owners face about process safety management. We help you find the answers.

The benefit of this process is the prevention of catastrophic events when processing hazardous materials.

Prevention keeps employees, businesses and the environment safe. It allows you to focus on safe and profitable production rather than fear of what could go wrong.

To do this, our experts implement robust and comprehensive methods, plus further analysis to identify if mitigation measures are adequate.

Only then can you commit to a continuous journey of development which prioritises safety, always.

Our approach to Process Safety Management

Understanding Client Requirements

Our Consultants prioritise taking the time to discuss and understand our client’s unique requirements.

Every client is different, with distinct goals, challenges, and industry dynamics.

These factors shape our tailored solutions. Then, we work closely with clients to understand their processes.

By doing so, we will determine the most appropriate process hazard analysis tool to achieve your desired goal.

Research and Analysis

We use multiple process safety analysis tools, site assessments, and process documentation reviews.

Through thorough research and robust analytical techniques, our consultants gain valuable insights into hazards, risks, and vulnerabilities at your business.
This work reveals the opportunities to minimise and mitigate process risks.

Our consultants collaborate closely with our client’s staff to assemble a multi-disciplinary team, ensuring their process safety analysis is comprehensive.

Reporting Our Findings

As each project differs, we provide a bespoke and detailed report of our findings.

The report includes opportunities for improvement with clear, detailed recommendations.

Continuing support to clients

Finally, we assure the stakeholders of any project or process through our continuing support.

This assurance helps verify the implementation of any recommendations and closes the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

How we deliver Process Safety Management


Hazard and Operability Study - Identifying process hazards and operational issues through systematic brainstorming techniques.


Hazard Identification Study – Identification of potential hazards and risks in a systematic manner.


Failure Modes and Effects Analysis – Systematic assessment of potential failures and their impact on process reliability to minimise risks.


Dangerous Substances Explosive Atmospheres Regulations - Managing and controlling explosive atmospheres to ensure workplace safety.


Layer of Protection Analysis - Quantifying risk and determining the need for additional safeguards through semi-quantitative analysis.


Quantitively Risk Assessment - Evaluating and quantifying potential risks to assess their impact and inform decision-making.

Bowtie Diagrams

Visualisation and analysis of the relationships between hazards, causes, and consequences, along with preventative and mitigative control measures in a concise and intuitive manner.

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