We help you understand and mitigate environmental, health and safety and engineering risks.

Our goal is to elevate your confidence.

Whether you need to find out what went wrong, urgently achieve good practice, or want to transform to world class, talk with Finch.

We deal with compliance, reputation, productivity, enforcement and litigation risks. You may be assessing old plant, investing in a new process, buying a business, or need to mitigate an enforcement or litigation threat. In all these cases Finch will increase your confidence.

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Great advice comes from listening, reflecting and focusing. We’ll partner with you to assess and optimise your operations, processes and people.

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A sound investigation is about tenacity, logic, and clarity. We offer reliable, incisive expert witness services across sectors.

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Great representation is about experience, empathy, strategy, flexibility and honesty.

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Excellent training is about understanding, curiosity, and pace. We can help your workforce gain the skills they need to do a great job.

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Our people and our partnerships

Robert Migliaccio | Senior Consultant | Finch Consulting

Robert Migliaccio

Senior Consultant

Timothy Ward | Noise and Vibration | Finch Consulting

Timothy Ward

Principal Consultant

Dr Stephen Cowley | Senior Consultant | Finch Consulting

Dr Stephen Cowley

Senior Consultant

Sue Mason | Office Manager| Finch Consulting

Sue Mason

Revenue Controller

Susan Dearden | Head of Legal | Finch Consulting

Susan Dearden

Head of Legal

Jade Carter, Finch Consulting

Jade Carter


Peter Milner | Senior Consultant | Finch Consulting

Peter Milner

Senior Consultant

Melvin Sandell | Senior Consultant | Finch Consulting

Melvin Sandell

Senior Consultant

Meet our people

“What Finch do is far, far more important – they’re engineers first and foremost– who’ve then gone on to become experts in health and safety protocols and process. All of their main consultants have a depth of real world knowledge.”

Paul Leese, Chief Engineer, Pork Farms

“Finch has a very good nucleus of specialists, that’s the difference, they give me reassurance in what I do.”

Neil Butler, Managing Director, CE Generation


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If you want to talk about how Finch can help your business, please contact [email protected]