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We provide outstanding expert witness services to clients in the legal, insurance, industrial and financial sectors.

Our expert witness service provides just the transparency you need. We have a reputation for being a leading provider in litigation support, with more than 30 years of experience.

Each of our Experts are trained to the highest levels, enabling them to deal with even the most intricate situations and apply analytical methods.

Our Experts

Technical Knowledge — Legal cases frequently involve complex technical or specialised issues that are beyond the expertise of the average person, judge, or jury. Expert witnesses have the niche knowledge necessary to explain these complex matters in a way that non-experts can understand.

Expert Opinion — Expert witnesses provide an expert opinion based on their knowledge and analysis of the technical or specialised aspects of the case. These opinions can be crucial in helping the court or involved parties understand the key issues and make more informed decisions.

Credibility — Expert witnesses add credibility to the case. Their qualifications, industrial experience, and reputation in their field lend weight to their opinions and the arguments presented in court.

Clarification — Expert witnesses can clarify complex technical concepts, terminology, or evidence for the court. This makes the case intelligible and reduces the potential for misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Evidence Support — Expert witnesses can help evaluate, analyse, and interpret evidence. They can ensure it aligns with the relevant technical or specialised standards.

Counter-Arguments — If the opposing side appoints an expert witness, hiring your counter-expert witness allows for a balanced presentation of conflicting viewpoints and agreements. This appointment aids the court in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each argument.

Case Development — Expert witnesses can assist legal teams in developing case strategies, identifying key points to emphasise, and providing insights into the technical merits or weaknesses of a case.

Mediation or Settlement — In some cases, expert witnesses can help facilitate negotiations and settlements with an objective evaluation of technical or specialised issues. As a result, parties can make more informed decisions.

Damage Assessment — Expert witnesses can assess damages in cases including monetary claims, such as personal injury or intellectual property disputes. This assessment helps to determine the appropriate compensation.

In summary, lawyers appoint expert witnesses to enhance their cases through a combination of specialised knowledge, authority and clarity. The end result is that the court is aided in making well-informed judgements.

Expert witnesses are crucial to ensure the legal process is fair and based on an accurate understanding of the issues at play.

How is the service delivered?

Enquiry and Expert Selection

Our talented support team are happy to assist you in finding the correct expert for your case. They will provide you with CVs, fees and other information.


Once an Expert is instructed, you will receive a letter containing an estimate and timescale of the process.

Site visit

If necessary, the appointed expert will attend a site visit to gather more information.


Your expert will write a report based on the points you wish to be discussed with an unbiased and pragmatic view.

Court appearance

If the case goes to Court, your expert will attend and give evidence if required. You can be safe in the knowledge the expert will be competent in courtroom formalities, and trained through an accredited expert witness course.

“Stephen’s grasp of electrical regulations and, in particular, the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008, turned out to be pivotal in the case. Stephen’s initial thoroughness in grasping the essentials but also the minutiae of the case, his positive collaboration with fellow experts and his staunch presentation in court, all unveiled previously hidden facts of the case which materially changed the outcome and will lead to safety improvements in the commercial kitchen equipment industry.”

Chris Craggs, MCFT Food Equipment Service

“I was impressed with the speed and way that Mr White was able to apply his experience to a technical and relatively new subject matter, and effectively applied his own expertise to the legal principles at the centre of the case. He kept those instructing him up-to-date on his own views throughout an evolving matter and his input assisted a great deal.”

Patrick Boyers, JMW Solicitors LLP
Martin White | Finch Consulting

“Dominic’s highly professional approach and methodical reasoning and expertise assisted leading Junior Counsel and the assisting Advocate in this case, involving many Defendants on a multiple Count Indictment. His assistance helped resolve the case to a satisfactory conclusion and I can say without his knowledge and technical ability this would have been an impossible task.”

Simon Farnsworth, FMB Solicitors
Dom Barraclough | Finch Consulting

"Paul attended site following initial instruction with the resulting expert report clearly setting out the machine issues in a simple and easy to understand manner, despite their technical nature. He kept the instructing party up to date throughout and responded to any queries promptly. Paul’s professional and practical approach was a key enabler for Counsel to resolve the matter favourably."

Kate Andrews, Hamlins
Paul Wood | Finch Consulting

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