Revamping health and safety practices of a heavy manufacturing company

heavy manufacturing company

Project Overview: Finch was enlisted by a leading heavy manufacturing company to revamp health and safety practices following a serious incident. Tasked with ensuring compliance and overseeing the rebuilding of 12 electric arc furnaces, Finch's multidisciplinary team navigated complex risks in handling heavy products and intricate manufacturing processes.

Project Summary


Heavy Manufacturing Company

Project Length

12 Months+


In a high-risk heavy manufacturing environment, Finch faced challenges ranging from contractor evaluations to system redesign, requiring a comprehensive approach to health and safety.


As part of the work, Finch carried out a full review of the Health and Safety Management System acting as the lead author/ chair in updating or creating many procedures and policies including the introduction of health and safety aspects to the contractor evaluation.

Finch specialists collaborated to oversee furnace reconstruction, ensuring compliance and proactive hazard management, including various levels of risk assessment. These ranged from process hazard assessments such as HAZOPs, to task-based risk assessments for operating machinery. These were carried out collaboratively, including the client’s operators, engineers and managers.

During site management, Finch was involved with various accident investigations, chairing teams to find the root cause and improve processes in the future.

Throughout the engagement Finch provided hazard-specific training to address specific risks for working with chemicals, working within a CDM area of the site, and managing work safely.

Finch carried out various benchmarking exercises throughout our engagement with the client varying from CDM performance every week, to overall health and safety culture across the entire business.


The new systems introduced fostered a robust safety culture. All the furnaces were rebuilt so they could operate with a higher degree of safety, reducing the reliance on the lower end of the hierarchy of controls.

Finch’s holistic approach ensured compliance, contributing to a safer, more resilient workplace in heavy manufacturing.

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