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The first thing you’ll learn working at Finch is that we’re a community with simple rules that are clear and fair. The most important thing is that the community grows as one. Birds of a feather… we call it the #FinchCommunity

Here at Finch we have consultants join us from range of backgrounds. Whilst no two people are the same there are a few common traits that can help you carve out a successful career in consulting.

But at Finch there is also the freedom to make the role your own. You are in charge of your own destiny. We recognise and understand that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work for everyone – you tell us what works for you.

The secret to lasting in consulting is the ability to deal with ambiguity, being able to deal with changing plans and finding the ideal course of action. It’s being able to evolve the role in reaction to change. Our consultants are leading experts in their field, you will be able to work alongside them, learn from them, developing further your consultancy skills.

You will also need to be the sort of person who has the ability to develop deep-rooted relationships with clients. You need to be organised and resolute to succeed as we rely on your self-management. With appropriate support you manage your own workload, you manage your own career and have the freedom to do it in an agile way.

We have ambitious plans to grow. We need talented consultants to join us to help us grow. Whether you are at the early stage of your career, in the middle or the other end we would be interested to talk to you.

Agile Working

Consulting at Finch gives you the freedom to work in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.

We think it is important that you choose the style of working that suits you. We like to see all of our consultants in our offices from time to time. We think this is important for your development, communication and team bonding. However, you will not be there ‘9-5’ nor will you be there ‘5-days a week’.

Provided that you can be relied upon to get the job done to the highest standards, it’s up to you how you do it. From meetings to office time to working from home or travelling abroad, flexibility is at the core of a consulting role at Finch. Within parameters, how you choose to split your time is entirely up to you.

Learning & Development

There will be precious few times you’ll come up against a simple challenge.

Consulting tests your knowledge and skills every day. Meaning there’s always the chance to give your brain a workout and improve yourself.

You will be passionate enough to want to help people understand what you know but equally humble enough to realise that you don’t know everything. So you will never be expected to do everything on your own.

That’s why we have an extensive on-boarding programme at Finch which provides you with the skills and connections you need for a flying start in your career as a consultant with Finch and beyond – and could even take you to locations across the world. We are also committed to developing a continuous learning culture that supports everyone at Finch to grow by learning quicker and faster.

If you’re comfortable talking to people from all walks of life and can build relationships wherever you go, and you are open to new ways of working think where that could take you. One thing’s for sure, wherever you are in your career, our ongoing learning and development programme will make sure that you never stop learning.

Being with the best

Think about the self-assurance that comes with knowing that you’re trusted to deliver.

The client wants your input, your advice and to know you will get the job done. You will work in a culture that is collaborative, trusting and facilitates creativity. Plus with the support of true experts in their field, you’ll have all the tools you need

So whether you need support from your line manager, your mentor or the colleagues you see every day or need to find something out from the extensive associate network that we have created, there will always be someone on hand to give you the backing you need to do it.

Collective & Individual Rewards

You’re often thrown in at the deep end. The projects are different. The client often changes its strategy. And, you could even be working in a different country.

It is very often fast-paced work that can mean challenging hours, complex problems and a whole lot of thinking. You go to where the job takes you. But that’s what makes it so exciting – especially when it all comes together.

All clients will have their own specific challenges. In consulting, it’s up to you to find out exactly what they are before using your own knowledge (and the skills of the whole of Finch) to come up with the perfect solution.

We recognise that we have very high standards and we have great expectations. That is why we pay competitive salaries, have a discretionary bonus scheme and other collective performance rewards – if we all perform to our best we will celebrate our success and will all be rewarded.

We recognise that there are times when an individual simply goes that one step further. Provides that extra value to a client. Is simply exceptional.

In recognition of this we operate an Extra Mile Award scheme where exceptional effort is recognised by non-financial rewards.

Being a consultant at Finch means being trusted to do your job. There will be big clients and complex projects. But you’ve got the skills and you know what needs to be done. Don’t expect to coast along. Consulting’s hard work, you’ll need to put in plenty of effort but in return you will be fairly rewarded for your contribution.

“My career development is very important and having a team who are happy to share their knowledge and provide advice is amazing .”
Tristan Pulford, Consultant, Finch Consulting

Further information


Finch offers top-tier private medical healthcare insurance and we pay 100% of the insurance costs for our employees.

Company Pension

We will match up to 5% of your annual salary in pension contributions.

Team Finch

The entire Finch team gets together at least twice a year at our TEAM FINCH company-wide meeting, to celebrate company milestones, share updates, and welcome our newest hires. As a forward thinking business who value transparency, we make sure our entire company is informed regarding key aspects of our business (including our financial performance).


Finch is located in Ashby de la Zouch – the ancestral home of the company.

Continued Learning

As Finch has the brightest minds tackling complex matters we ensure that we stay sharp by either hosting in-house seminars and training workshops or providing training to our client base.

Application process

Our application process is two-way. We will aim to assess your skills, experience and fit but we will give you plenty of opportunity for you to find out all about us to help you make the right decision. Contact [email protected]

If you want to talk about how Finch can help your business, please contact [email protected]