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Here at Finch, we are proud to have a modern business culture where our team of independent thinkers shape how they work. Our people join us from many different backgrounds and we embrace this individuality.

If you join us, expect job satisfaction through making a difference in businesses, ongoing skills development and an outstanding benefits package.

How our people manage their time is generally down to them. They must be self-organised and mindful of the needs of colleagues and clients to succeed.

Everyone in our team – including new members – has the freedom to balance their workload, make the role their own and help others grow.

Through our Finch Academy, we can all keep learning, developing knowledge in critical areas and exploring new opportunities.

Sounds good? Then we would love to hear from you.

Start the conversation by emailing [email protected].

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A working
day at Finch.

There are never two days the same at Finch. Here’s just a snippet of what to expect.


Finchness is about helping each other succeed. Being distributed widely across the UK, it is crucial that we make a big effort to get to know each other socially.

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I chose to join Finch because of their positive ethics and employee culture, which encourages consultants to take an adaptable and pragmatic approach to problem-solving for clients in a wide range of industries.

Morag McWilliam, Senior Consultant

Thank you very much for your feedback. I truly appreciate how honest and candidate-centered it is. It’s refreshing to receive such thoughtful feedback that allows candidates to learn and improve their applications.

Interview Candidate

The open, exciting, and modern culture that Finch has created, along with the vast amount of knowledge and experience of the people I work with has given me the ability to grow multiple aspects of my career.

Sohail Khan, Consultant
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We can see from your CV what you’ve achieved, but we really want to meet the person that your colleagues and clients will be working with.

Stage 1

It all starts with a great CV. We’re looking for something that we need and something you can bring to the table.

Stage 2

Over TEAMS or the phone, we want to hear about your aspirations and explain what we are looking for

Stage 3

Let’s meet in person. You suggest where to meet, we propose an independent coffee shop but the choice is up to you.

Stage 4

Come along to The Nest and talk with our people and see the nucleus of our business.

Our onboarding process doesn’t start on your first day. From your first conversation with us to your first day you will be in contact with multiple Finch People to welcome and prepare you. Before starting work, you will receive an initial onboarding timetable to guarantee a comprehensive running-start.

Benefits of working for Finch

Private Healthcare

Our private healthcare benefit ensures comprehensive coverage for our employees, promoting their well-being and peace of mind.

Eye care vouchers

Enjoy the vision of savings with our eye care voucher benefit, ensuring your eyesight is healthy and eyecare is cost-effective.

Employee Assistance Programme

Our employee assistance program offers confidential service and support to help our employees navigate personal and professional challenges.

4x Death in Service

Our 4x death in services benefit provides essential financial security to our employee’s loved ones.


We like bonuses. When we are successful, we like to share a piece of that success. We also show our appreciation when people go above and beyond.


We contribute 5% as standard to your pension pot as we understand saving for life after retirement is important.

Progress Reviews

Progress reviews provide valuable insights into our achievements, challenges, and areas for growth, fostering continual improvement and alignment towards our goals.


With a comprehensive 6-month onboarding program, we ensure that every individual joining our community experiences a seamless and enriching transition into their roles. This initiative reflects our dedication to providing the best possible start for our new members, setting the stage for long-term success and growth within the Finch community.


We encourage your learning and development with a supportive programme at all career stages. We also pay for any professional subscriptions.

Agile Working

As long as you’re delivering client work on time, within budget and to the Finch standard, you have the freedom to work where and when it best suits you, your colleagues and your clients.

Free onsite parking

Enjoy the perk of free parking at the office, making your visit to the office hassle-free and convenient.

Free fruit, milk, tea, coffee at the Nest

Indulge in the perk of complimentary fruit, milk, and coffee at our office for a boost of energy and refreshment throughout your workday!

Social Meetings

We regularly meet for social activities and community events. We also like to give back to the local community through fundraising for our charity of the year.

Company Meetings

Our company meetings foster collaboration, innovation, and alignment among team members, driving towards shared goals and success.

A day for volunteering

We give our employees the opportunity to take a day out of work each year to volunteer. Volunteering promotes mental health benefits, provides new skills and creates a positive impact in the community.

Shape the job
to suit you.

If a job description doesn’t exactly fit with you, we still want to hear how you could play a key role at Finch.