Green energy generation involving novel technologies

Green energy generation involving novel technologies

Project Overview: Green Energy generation involving novel technologies, has a wide variety of risks that evolve through the research and development of the technology. Some of the associated hazards have a wide radius of consequences which can affect other companies and members of the public. Finch was engaged to provide ongoing audits of the health and safety management system, with additional advisory services based on specific topics identified for improvement which spanned from engineering advice to Process Safety advice.

Project Summary


Green Energy Generation Company

Project Length

2 Years+


The facility was an R&D site that acted as proof of context, so the process, layout, and site itself were in a constant state of change, which included the information of new hazards, in a fast-paced environment. The requirement to ensure the safety of all those involved, and external to the site, balanced with the need for fast changes meant that Finch had to have in-depth knowledge of the HSMS on site. Due to the hazards located on site, and the complex nature of the team, a multi-skilled team was required.


 Finch assigned a key contact to the client who was responsible for the audit process but could pull in additional expertise as required throughout the engagement. Finch initially carried out a gap assessment of the HSMS and identified key areas that were missing concerning compliance and some that required improvement. Some of these areas required policies/procedures to be created, which Finch assisted the client in coordinating and creating.

Once gaps had been closed, Finch carried out a physical site assessment once a month, focussing on a different element of the HSMS to ensure compliance and with a focus on continuing improvement. This highlighted additional areas for improvement such as CDM management.

Finch was also involved with additional support services such as accident investigation and liaising with the local enforcement agency where required.


A successful relationship was built over multiple years, which resulted in continuous improvement, and at the group level, the company perceived the site as one of the safest sites under the umbrella. This then evolved into Finch being engaged for other sites around Europe for the group.

Our frequent engagement with the site and communication with the leadership team ensured continuous improvement of the health and safety system, with hazards being identified quickly and efficiently. This allowed for the R&D site to demonstrate proof of concept, and design and build a working solution that is used around the globe.

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