Health & Safety Management

Protecting people, improving productivity and making sure sustained compliance is a minimum standard.

Your people deserve to work in a safe, well-controlled environment. To do this, health and safety management is required around sources of potential harm. Hazards can be physical, presenting a risk of acute injury. Or they can be chemical hazards with the risk of chronic ill health.

No matter the environment, you can improve the business environment for staff and customers with an effective plan to manage hazards.

Such plans are usually held in a health and safety management system and documented with a manual. But they need developing, continuous improvement and periodic review to be effective.

That’s where we come in.

Our consultants have decades of experience in diligently managing health and safety. We can develop rigorous systems and help you to control specific hazards.

Our approach to Health & Safety Management

Understanding Client Requirements

Our consultants have a real-world understanding of health and safety in business.

They have worked across many sectors and within the Health and Safety Executive. Their expertise has shaped health and safety policy at a governmental level.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and safety.

Whether developing a new approach to management or auditing an existing system, Finch will spend time getting to know your business to understand the hazards and risks.

Management System Review

Usually, a company has documented its health and safety management approach. These documents give us valuable insight into existing procedures.

A review of this documentation provides opportunities to identify gaps based on the knowledge of the business.

It also allows for a review of the extent to which the management system is working.


All clients need to know their health and safety management system delivers risk control as intended.

Finch meets with a cross-section of personnel in a client’s organisation. We also observe staff at work and business activities to obtain a fuller understanding of risk control in practice.

Any incident-related information further enriches the picture.

Continuing Support

Our review does not end with the report. We love partnerships with clients to achieve health and safety excellence.

We provide clients with an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in their hazard management.

Consultants then support the implementation of improved risk control where required.

How we deliver Health & Safety Management

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