We don’t just have experience in bulk handling we have experts in it

We don’t just have experience in bulk handling we have experts in it

Finch people have extensive industry-based experience in working with the handling of bulk products. From discharge, conveying, storage and finally discharge to road/rail/boat for delivery to the customer. This has involved managing the maintenance of safety equipment and systems which help prevent safety issues from occurring or reduce the consequences following an incident. Involvement with investigations and identification of root causes of incidents have helped improve existing controls and introduce additional measures to further mitigate the likelihood of issues re-occurring.

Our consultants also have experience in developing large-scale capital investment plans for ageing assets. One project in a large grain handling facility was primarily based around compliance with statutory requirements (DSEARPUWERLOLERPSSR etc.) but also took into account residual life and upgrade feasibility of existing assets (Asset Management).

Where necessary, this also required a demonstration of controls and mitigations being at a level considered ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP). By taking a risk-based approach a phased plan was developed to deliver improvement works over a 5-year period and worth in excess of £20m. This covered replacement and upgrades to equipment including conveyor systems, dust handling units, explosion protection/mitigation systems, silo structural repairs and vacuum systems to aid with cleaning.

By developing a phased project plan it provided a clear and achievable ‘path to compliance’ which helped reduce residual risk, improved the reliability of existing assets, and increased business resilience but also improved the working conditions within the site at a health and hygiene level (reduced dust levels and improved risk awareness).