H&S Advice for Leisure Attraction Provides Ongoing Partnership

H&S Advice for Leisure Attraction Provides Ongoing Partnership

Project Overview: Over several years, our ongoing partnership with a bustling leisure attraction has involved a spectrum of ad-hoc advisory services predominantly in health and safety, but also including engineering support. From accident investigations to training programs, our collaborative efforts ensure the safety and well-being of thousands of public visitors. Our role extends to assessing new rides, particularly during events like Halloween, ensuring custom-made attractions are rigorously risk-assessed and deemed safe for public enjoyment.

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Operating in an environment with constant public engagement and evolving attractions, the leisure attraction faced the challenge of maintaining top-notch safety standards. The need for expert advisory services was critical to ensure compliance and deal with local enforcement agencies who frequently attended the site.


Finch works closely with the amusement provider with frequent meetings to discuss any upcoming changes or events to ensure that all hazards are considered and documented. With a specific focus during high-traffic events such as Halloween, where new and novel custom machinery (rides) are introduced with the aim to scare, Finch has assisted in scrutinising design elements, operational procedures and emergency protocols to ensure that the ride is safe to operate.

Throughout the engagement, Finch has also carried out procedural reviews, and risk assessments including a Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) risk assessment, Covid risk assessments and more. Where a member of the public has had an accident, Finch has also chaired accident investigations ensuring a swift and thorough response, which encompasses a review of everything from designs to procedures and policies to identify any areas of improvement.

During our engagement Finch has collaborated closely with the management team and ownership of the leisure attraction, ensuring that the knowledge and methodology of the assessments is passed on to educate staff and to foster a safety-conscious culture from top to bottom in the business.


Our ongoing advisory services have contributed to the continuous improvement of safety standards within the leisure attraction, providing visitors with a secure and enjoyable experience, in the challenging world of amusement devices.

Our prompt accident investigations ensure that any incidents are addressed swiftly, minimizing impact and facilitating design and procedural improvements.

Our long-term partnership with the attraction underscores our commitment to ensuring the safety of public visitors. From assessing new rides to chairing accident investigations, our multifaceted approach ensures that the attraction remains a safe and enjoyable destination for families and thrill-seekers alike.

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