The Finch Noise and Vibration (N&V) Team

The Finch Noise and Vibration (N&V) Team

The Noise and Vibration (N&V) Team at Finch, is known as one of the very best amongst personal injury solicitors who deal with claims for noise-related ill health (noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and ‘acoustic shock’) and vibration-related ill health (hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), carpal tunnel syndrome, and effects of whole-body vibration). Everyone in the team has been instructed as a single joint expert (SJE) in more than 90% of their cases, with the remainder split between Claimant and Defendant instructions.

Our N&V experts specialise in occupational noise and vibration and have a vast range of experience which enables them to provide high-quality Part 35-compliant reports for the Court which contain clear and cogent opinions.

They have provided evidence in relation to claims relating to a great many occupations and industry sectors – take a look at our case studies which highlight how varied their work has been.

Members of the N&V Team have been involved in the development of both legislation and HSE guidance, are helping to develop industry standards, and have experience across a wide range of industries.

In addition to the provision of evidence for civil claims, our people can assist with expert evidence in criminal cases involving enforcement action in respect of noise or vibration exposure at work.

Availability for expert reports in NIHL, HAVS and Acoustics is currently January 2021 onwards. For regular updates on reporting availability, please check the expert availability page at

Finch can also provide experts in a wide range of other health, safety, environmental and engineering matters.


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