Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and Acoustics – engineering experts and availability.

Our availability for expert reports in NIHL, HAVS and acoustics is currently:
October 2021 onwards (last updated 8 September 2021).

We do have some availability for urgent work, please do get in touch.
Please contact Jade Carter to enquire further and book an expert.

Engineering experts available are Teli Chinelis, Sue Hewitt, Pete Milner, and Tim Ward

Our experts have all been instructed in more than 90% of cases as a single joint expert (SJE), with the remainder split between instructions on behalf of Claimants and Defendants.

Finch can also provide experts in a wide range of other health, safety and engineering matters. Please contact [email protected] to enquire further.

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