Trust me, I’m an Expert – Finch to present at Health and Safety Lawyers Association Event


As experts in the field of health and safety, Finch Consulting has been invited by the Health & Safety Lawyers Association (HSLA) to present at one of their online forums.

The HSLA is the professional association for prosecution and defence solicitors and barristers who practice in health and safety law and has over 650 members across the UK.  The HSLA runs events throughout the year with the aim of sharing knowledge and good practice amongst its members.

Taking place on the 19th May 2021 and starting at 5:30 pm, a team from Finch Consulting comprising solicitor Sue Dearden and professional experts Dr Steve Cowley and Melvin Sandell will be hosting a webinar entitled “Trust me, I’m an Expert.”

Within the webinar the team will be discussing:

  • The key differences between requirements for experts and their evidence in the civil and criminal courts.
  • How experts might assist with a reasonable practicability defence, with sentencing band allocation and with mitigation.
  • What to look for and include when selecting and instructing an expert – and what to avoid.
  • Ensuring constructive expert meetings.
  • Admissibility of expert evidence.
  • Challenging our opponent’s expert.
  • Managing the costs of expert evidence.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Dr Richard Brown said “The HSLA event presents Finch with a great opportunity to promote our Expert Services to health and safety lawyers across the UK so that they can better understand the benefits and added value advice experts can help them deliver to their clients.”

This is an HSLA members event only. If you would like more information about the topics being discussed, you can visit our article “How to get the most from your instructions to experts” or you can contact Susan, Steve, Melvin or Richard directly.

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