Safety compliance as a tool to protect project budgets and protect asset value

Automated warehouse

An international automated warehouse builder and integrator trusted Finch to assist with asset safety management, including UKCA marking, of a new state-of-the-art warehouse and fulfilment project for one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains.

Project Summary


International automated warehouse builder and integrator




Finch are experts in asset management and health and safety management and advised the many manufacturers, suppliers and integrators subcontracted into the project over the new equipment lifecycle. Finch is now helping its client’s client – the supermarket – with its automation projects too.

An initial intensive period was managed and led by Finch to work through the Design Risk Assessment: this was invaluable in saving time, money and trouble (including expensive and frustrating redesign work) by verifying and validating the hazards and controls before specifications were signed off and orders confirmed.

Undertaking this piece of work prior to orders being placed, minimises the often simple but disruptive issues found during PUWER assessments and similar after installation and prior to operation.


Remaining independent and impartial members of the design team, Finch people consulted with all stakeholders in the UK and Europe to check that equipment, machinery and processes conformed with industry standards and complied with legislation.

Finch assisted in overcoming particular challenges where multiple OEM systems were being integrated into a complex assembly in terms of hardware, control and software.

Ensuring that the safety and asset management risks from all phases of the equipment lifecycle were controlled and managed from the very start of the project, and keeping a lifetime view of the new facility, resulting in a successful project that was compliant and could remain compliant.


With this great start, as well as the benefit from organisational learning, our client is now in a strong position to continue its asset management journey with the aim to ensure that the equipment is installed, commissioned, operated, and maintained as intended which will deliver its ambitious operational targets with an efficient, reliable and safe automated warehouse system.

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