Engaging Finch at an early stage saves manufacturing company thousands

Finch save manufacturing company thousands

Finch was involved with a large food and beverage company in Europe, which were expanding their manufacturing capacity by adding an additional 2 lines and modifying a further line. This was done with the aim of allowing increased output, as well as some flexibility in terms of ingredient mix.

Project Summary

Finch was involved from the Design review stage and helped to identify key risks, specifically during the integration between different manufacturers, and potential process hazards.

This allowed the company to communicate back to the manufacturer the changes required, which meant that when the machinery was installed on-site, they had fewer changes to make. Finch undertook an assessment on-site and found the installation was to a good standard and the functional safety, and guarding recommended had been added. Engaging Finch at an early stage saved the company thousands of pounds as well as allowing the machinery to operate a lot sooner than it otherwise would have.

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