UKCA Compliance Part 4 – Separate marking plates?

UKCA Marking Compliance


With the Transition period ending in 2021, under UKCA how will the labelling of products change?

Advice here is for GB and not the UK as a whole.

From 2021 will separate marking plates be needed for the EU and UK markets?

No, a common marking label is fine. Following the new GB marking system simply results in the addition of the UKCA mark alongside other existing marks.

Until 2023 the UKCA mark doesn’t need to be permanently fixed, for example, it could be a sticker. Until then it doesn’t even have to be fixed to the machinery, it could just be on accompanying documentation (e.g. the Instruction Book).

Other information, however, may be needed.

Apart from machinery, both the EU and GB require contact details of any ‘importer’ to be attached if possible to the product, and if not practical on the packaging. The contact details would naturally be in Great Britain for products intended for GB and in the EU for products intended for the EU. For both markets, both sets of address’s would be needed.

If the manufacturer’s address, which should also be on the product is in one of these locations, then an importers address is not needed. The purpose is to have a responsible body located inside that authority that can be contacted by the Authorities if ever needed for legal compliance purposes.

For any more information relating to UKCA compliance, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

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