Finch Quiz: Test your knowledge of what to do when an H&S Inspector calls post lockdown

Written by former HSE inspector Melvin Sandell and Health and Safety specialist solicitor Sue Dearden our latest quiz has been designed with the end of lockdown and ramping up of health and safety inspections in mind.

This quiz will help your senior managers to prepare, and check that they are prepared for a visit from the HSE or local authority to check on what you have been doing, are doing and will be doing to ensure that staff and others are not put at risk by your business.

It will cover the following topics;

  • Are you sure of your rights
  • A H&S inspector’s powers on a visit to your premises
  • What to do when asked for interviews, or when served with an enforcement notice?
  • Imparting key information in a digestible format

To complete the quiz, please click here.