2020 Business Predictions: Andrew Millington, Finance Director of Finch Consulting

We’re well into 2020 and the new decade is now in full swing. As usual for January, Business Link Magazine invites readers to offer up their forecasts for the year ahead, and in one of their recent features, they caught up with our Finance Director, Andrew Millington, to hear his 2020 predictions.

This is what he had to say;

Now that we have a government with an elected majority, we are in a position where we know we are going to exit from the EU.

This will help, to a degree, the process of clearing the uncertainty. Businesses have been cautious for such a long period resulting in the deferment of investment decisions, but I believe 2020 will see some freeing up of corporate budgets.

As well investing in maintaining compliance, we will also see investment in areas that will improve businesses, allowing for growth both financially and in employment. In turn, I believe this will impact positively on business confidence and strategy.

These strategies will undoubtedly encompass staff wellbeing as this area continues to become an increasingly important part of the business environment.

The evolution of culture, including fully agile working, has played a significant part in our own recent successes and I expect wellbeing to become a high priority on the agenda for many businesses as they strive for sustainability.

As an engineering risk management consultancy, Finch operates within a regulatory environment, which will always carry threats as well as significant opportunities. Like Finch, I am seeing evidence of businesses getting ahead of the game on business planning and strategy. This focus on maximising these opportunities and mitigating the risks has put Finch in a good position going into 2020 and I hope to see the same for many of the fantastic businesses we have in the UK.