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Great advice comes from listening, reflecting and focusing. We’ll partner with you to assess and optimise your operations, processes and people.

The first thing we do is find out how you want Finch to serve you. We’ll consider everyone’s views, the available facts, any external influences and our collective expertise and experiences to help develop a range of options for you. There is no fixed way.

But Finch people will always find the right way. Our consulting services are deeply informed by first-hand engineering experience and understanding, something that helps us to address your real business risks with authority and insight.

Finally, we’ll help you focus on a plan to implement, verify and sustain change.

Not all experts make good consultants, that’s why we have great consultants with expertise. And because they feel invested, our consultants will keep an open door for you to continue talking with them long after an engagement has been completed. This means we’ve worked continually with many of our clients for over 15 years, some for more than 25 years.

Case Studies

Finch demonstrates that a cheaper alternative ends up more suitable for manufacturing company

Finch saved a manufacturing company £80k by demonstrating that a cheaper alternative system was more suitable. It also reduced the lead time of the parts required.

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Engaging Finch at an early stage saves manufacturing company thousands

Engaging Finch at an early stage saved a company thousands of pounds as well as allowing the machinery to operate a lot sooner than it otherwise would have.

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Roof top plant replacement

Our acoustic consultants were appointed by the planning consultants at a rooftop heat rejection plant in order to review the existing plant noise impact at neighbouring noise-sensitive uses, to assess the future noise impact, and to prepare a report to support the planning application for the replacement of the rooftop plant with new models.

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Finch consulting limited ("Finch"). Terms and conditions for provision of expert services ("Terms"). Definitions

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HAVS Guide

Download our unique HAVS guide for a simple and cost-effective approach to managing hand-arm vibration.

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