Life in Lockdown with Finch MD, Dom Barraclough

Our Commander in Chief, Dom Barraclough recently caught up with The Business Desk East Midlands, to talk life in lockdown and what he’d been doing to occupy his time.

Who are you locked-in with?
My wife Helen, and my grown up kids Gee and Cee, and our cat Yoda.

How has the lockdown and working from home been for you so far?
In the beginning it was very intense, but now we have our own personal and family routines with great food and daily exercise, so it’s not so bad now.

What has been the best thing about staying in?
Being able to have undistracted time getting ‘work stuff’ done, which has enabled us all as a family to get to know each other again.

And what have you missed the most?
Hugs with extended family, and extra hot skinny lattes

What previously essential thing have you realised is not actually essential?
All the travelling I used to do for work. Using technology has given me so much time back.

What are the changes you’ve made that you plan on continuing when restrictions are lifted?
The increased communication across the business and the fun things we have been doing as a team like the weekly quiz with prizes and Zoom calls with the wider family.

Have you made progress on any of your bucket list items?
Nope. It’s just got bigger!

What is the first thing you will do when isolation ends?
Go and give parents and in-laws a long hug, then head down to my local Micro Pub The Tap at No 76 for an IPA (or two)!