Hi-vis does not stop workplace accidents!

Finch Consulting’s own Dr Richard Brown is presenting @LAW2017_Glasgow on 27th & 28th September.

With a PhD in safety culture and behavioural safety, Richard joined Finch Consulting from working in several industries including construction, paper making, energy, steel oil & gas. He’s engaged on a variety of consulting and expert matters; from advising on procedures for large cat controls in a zoo, factory health and safety, machinery safety assessment work in food processing and packaging, to complex military equipment. 

Richard’s paper will give an overview of workplace transport including relevant legislation and guidance. It will then go on to discuss three case studies:

·      The falling of a load from a vehicle resulting in serious injuries to the driver

·      The unloading operation which led the tipping over of a fork lift truck

·      Workplace driver behaviours in a warehouse and how this was managed.

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