Finch COVID Services: We are still here and happy to help

Finch COVID services

We are now one year on from the first lockdown when the seriousness of the COVID-19 really became apparent to many of us.

It has been a challenging time for both businesses and the individuals who operate within them.  Although there is light at the end of the tunnel, COVID will continue to be one of the factors that businesses need to take into account when considering operational risk. With the re-opening of the economy under the current government roadmap, checking that businesses have in place adequate COVID related controls are very much on the regulator’s lists of priorities.  HSE is periodically reminding businesses of the spot checks it is undertaking and has provided advice and guidance on a number of areas to help keep workplaces COVID secure.

Finch COVID Services: We are still here and happy to help

Since the start of the pandemic, we at Finch have been assisting clients who operate in a number of sectors with the identification and implementation of COVID measures.  Our COVID integrated risk management support services have provided targeted support and advice to clients throughout the pandemic.

Give us a call if you are getting ready to open back up and would like a confidential discussion about any concerns you may have, or if you are already operating and would like an independent audit of the measures that you have in place, we are happy to help.

For assistance and to be referred to one of our consultants or lawyers who are best placed to assist you, contact us at:

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