Who we are

We offer intelligent solutions that instil confidence and never stop serving. For our clients, that constant reassurance is priceless.

Since 1991, our work has tackled the prevention and effect of engineering challenges, helping our clients to do things better – more safely, efficiently, effectively.

Now based in three UK offices and working internationally, Finch Consulting comprises a range of highly skilled specialists including leading engineers, technicians, outstanding forensic analysts and legal experts.

Working in close partnership with our clients we identify, understand and address risk to best effect through these services.

  • Expert witness
  • Consulting & due diligence
  • Training & development
  • Technical authoring
  • Asset integrity management
  • Management systems

Guiding Principle.
Our thoughts, ideas and actions should never stop serving.

It’s easy to talk about it… an ethos, values, a set of principles, but it’s another to really live by it. Our approach has evolved through practice and by understanding what means the most to the clients we work closely with. That’s why we keep this guiding principle at the heart of our way of working

This means building enduring confidence into every undertaking — absolute confidence in the thinking, the expertise and the end results we deliver. This guiding principle encourages us all, at every stage of the process, to focus on our work’s lasting impact on people and their lives.

This is the Finch Consulting way.


Adhering to this means we need to be inventive and objective – we develop innovative ideas with purpose and application.


It relies on collaboration – an approach we pride ourselves on – bringing the right people together to develop and share a vision.


It owes everything to a pragmatic, clear, open way of working.


Over the years, Finch has grown to support the many and varied needs of our clients, with a comprehensive range of highly skilled specialist services. From general project management assistance to specific issues like occupational noise, our team can deliver unsurpassed insight and support.



People need food: our population is growing and so food quality and safety demands are continually challenged and costs are continually under pressure. Innovative and reliable engineering plays an ever more critical role in food production.

Whether designing and installing a new process or upgrading and modernising and existing process, Finch Consulting has the hygiene and safety experience across a very wide range of specialisms, to ensure production goals are met

We can assist you with:

  • Machinery, process and functional safety
  • Pressure equipment, systems and management
  • Specifications, factory and site acceptance
  • Ergonomics and human factors


People need energy: our modern world relies on it, but a burgeoning population requires us to become more efficient. Producing enough energy at the right time and cost while meeting environmental demands is driving engineering innovation and the development of new technology.

We work alongside you during piloting, scaling-up or at full-size to help understand the many competing engineering challenges associated with processing, generation and distribution whether waste, renewables, bio fuels or gases.

We can assist you with:

  • LPG
  • Electrical safety
  • Plant integrity
  • Equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


People need water: clean water is fundamental to life. Engineering has effectively been integrated into the water cycle and therefore plays a critical role in safety and reliability of supply.

During the development of a new waste or clean water treatment plant, or the upgrade of an existing system refit, we work as part of your team to ensure you and your other partners meet the requirements of the asset management plan to maintain reliability and safety.

We can assist you with:

  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Equipment safety
  • Hazardous substances
  • Safe systems of work


People want to relax: leisure facilities are vital to that valuable down-time, and engineering plays a central role in creating the facilities and devices that people enjoy. Theme parks are a unique environment where complex engineering and the associated hazards create the perception of high risk but with actual low risk.

We understand the complexities of the design and maintenance of amusement devices and management of theme parks. We work with clients to guarantee the safety of rides, keeping the thrill-seekers happy and our clients’ businesses flourishing.

We can assist you with:

  • Amusement device safety
  • Certification schemes
  • Maintenance management
  • Inspector and auditor training


People create waste: it’s a natural consequence of consuming goods, water and food. Waste comes in many different forms with nearly as many different ways of handling and processing. Waste technology is constantly evolving and the risks are not always understood.

We work with clients to bring our experience in waste transfer and processing and our knowledge from other sectors to help you really understand and control the many associated risks of running a busy waste transfer and processing facility.

We can assist you with:

  • Workplace transport
  • Electrical safety
  • Materials handling
  • Workplace potentially explosive atmospheres

Legal, Financial & Insurance

Constructing and presenting a persuasive argument on behalf of a client takes accurate information; in depth forensic analysis and due diligence, and credible expert witnesses.

The implications and obligations of complex regulation have never been so burdensome and we provide the expert evidence which can bring to light unique aspects of a case or project.

Having our consultants draw upon on their experience as former Health and Safety Executive Inspectors, industrial engineers and research scientists we continue to offer the very best forensic, due diligence and expert witness service to our legal, insurance and finance clients – and we have been doing so for over 25 years.