Who we are

We offer intelligent solutions that instil confidence and never stop serving. For our clients, that constant reassurance is priceless.

Since 1991, our work has tackled the prevention and effect of engineering challenges, helping our clients to do things better – more safely, efficiently, effectively.

Now based in three UK offices and working internationally, Finch Consulting comprises a range of highly skilled specialists including leading engineers, technicians, outstanding forensic analysts and legal experts.

Working in close partnership with our clients we identify, understand and address risk to best effect through these services.

  • Expert witness
  • Consulting & due diligence
  • Training & development
  • Technical authoring
  • Asset integrity management
  • Management systems
Guiding Principle. Our thoughts, ideas and actions should never stop serving.

It’s easy to talk about it… an ethos, values, a set of principles, but it’s another to really live by it. Our approach has evolved through practice and by understanding what means the most to the clients we work closely with. That’s why we keep this guiding principle at the heart of our way of working

This means building enduring confidence into every undertaking — absolute confidence in the thinking, the expertise and the end results we deliver. This guiding principle encourages us all, at every stage of the process, to focus on our work’s lasting impact on people and their lives.

This is the Finch Consulting way.


Adhering to this means we need to be inventive and objective – we develop innovative ideas with purpose and application.


It relies on collaboration – an approach we pride ourselves on – bringing the right people together to develop and share a vision.


It owes everything to a pragmatic, clear, open way of working.


Over the years, Finch has grown to support the many and varied needs of our clients, with a comprehensive range of highly skilled specialist services. From general project management assistance to specific issues like occupational noise, our team can deliver unsurpassed insight and support.