Test your knowledge of health and safety risk management by taking the Finch Consulting quiz

health and safety risk management

Some of your staff may be furloughed. Some may be on reduced hours, or simply stuck at home. Some will be working very hard to keep everything going and might enjoy this in a break.

To help lift spirits and build teamwork, we’ve created a quiz that is combined with some seriously helpful Health and Safety training, which we thought might enable people to focus on something other than COVID-19.

Its learning outcomes will also be of benefit to your business. Those on furlough don’t compromise the Government grants if time is spent on training.

Have a go yourself and feel free to circulate the link to everyone from Board level down, suggesting they omit any sections irrelevant to your industry. You might even want to offer prizes for best scores in your organisation to encourage participation.

The quiz has been put together by Finch Consulting’s engineering experts, former HSE inspectors, Environmental Auditors, and Health and Safety Lawyers and each section includes information they have compiled, linked to other resources for those who want or need to learn more about each area. If any queries arise from any of the issues covered, we are of course here to help.

Click here to access the Quiz.

We would welcome feedback, and whilst this quiz is free, if you are interested in something similar to check understanding across your organisation of your COVID 19 health and safety controls then give us a call.

Health and safety is an area in which  Finch Consulting is recognised as experts, and now we are familiar with the quiz technology we are able to devise a quiz that is bespoke to the needs of your organisation and branded accordingly so that you can make it available to your workforce within days, if not hours.

Once social isolation and lockdown measures come to an end, we can also adapt the content for you to moderate the advice and controls as well as add new sections so that it continues to be relevant and of benefit for your business.

If you would like more information about how we can help you to develop a quiz for your organisation contact Dom Barraclough.

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