Sustainability and Acoustics

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Listen to Teli Chinelis discuss sustainability and acoustics in this video.

Nowadays, we are all becoming more and more concerned about how our activities and behaviours impact our planet. Building projects are amongst the activities which are subject to increasing scrutiny and more stringent measures and controls, as a result of the ever-increasing importance of environmental protection and sustainability.

When considering sustainable development, matters such as energy efficiency and minimising carbon emissions are routinely considered and addressed. However, these days more and more, wider effects and influences are being considered, the influence of acoustics being one of them.

This should come as no surprise, because not only is a space that is acoustically well designed and constructed likely to improve the comfort level for its occupants and those nearby but also because the presence of noise can, in some circumstances, be an indicator that energy is being wasted.

To incorporate the consideration of the acoustic properties of materials into any development project requires a source of reliable and accurate information on the properties of those materials.

There are various design/procurement schemes that compete in this field. One such example is the Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method or BREEAM, launched in 1990.

By providing a system of credits and ratings ranging from ‘Acceptable’ through to ‘Outstanding’, which are reflected in the number of stars on the BREEAM certificate, the scheme facilitates comparison of the performance of different projects against the relevant standards and benchmarks and gives some reassurance to customers and users.

In some instances, a Suitably Qualified Acoustician may be appointed to consider acoustic performance as a route to BREEAM certification.

Finch Consulting’s senior consultants exceed the eligibility criteria to be considered as suitably qualified and our wealth of expertise and professional attitude can provide valuable assistance to meet your sustainability needs.

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