Finch Video: Making Risk Assessments Work for Your Business

Finch Video: Making Risk Assessments Work for Your Business

Risk assessments are a well established foundation for the controls needed to ensure health and safety in the workplace and here is a video explaining how to make risk assessments work for your business.

Since they have been a legal requirement across all workplaces in which 5 or more people are employed since 1992, you would be forgiven for thinking that there was little more to learn about them.

However, the lack of an adequate risk assessment remains a key part of many prosecutions for health and safety breaches.

Finch Consulting’s health and safety consultant Dr Steve Cowley and health and safety defence lawyer Sue Dearden consider some of the frequent key issues that arise on this topic and offer some pragmatic solutions in this 14 minute video.

You can watch the video by clicking this link to the Finch YouTube Channel.

For those interested in a more in depth  analysis, have a look at Steve’s jointly written article first published in the Journal of Health and Safety Research and Practice in 2010 but still current today.


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