Finch’s Melvin Sandell and LEAPS Jon Ruddock to present at Safety and Health Expo 2023

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Melvin Sandell from Finch and Jon Ruddock, General Manager of LEAPS, are joining forces and will be presenting at the upcoming Safety and Health Expo at the Excel in London.

Their talk, titled Innovation in the Leisure Industry, will be on the 16th of May from 10.50 am to 11.20 am.

The leisure industry, be it a theme park, high ropes courses, trampoline park or soft play facility, suffers from a lack of consistency in safety standards around operator competency and inspection. Jon and Melvin will explain how the LEAP Scheme (LEAPS) is addressing this by:

• Managing a broad operational and inspection management scheme suitable for all leisure providers.
• Managing a scheme based upon the existing regulatory guidance for the safety of leisure attractions.
• Providing access to a list of competent, audited inspectors.
• Providing CPD for inspectors and operators.
• Requiring regular evidence of competence and compliance from operators.
• Providing regulator-approved equipment inspection certification.
• Providing an IT system that allows operators to manage the administration of inspection.

There is no similar scheme with regulator approval and the support of numerous large-scale leisure providers across the UK and Ireland.

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