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Our new Finch Acoustic Consultancy Service flyer details what Acoustic service we can offer, and discusses acoustics in the built environment.

Finch Acoustic Consultancy Service

The Acoustics of the environment in which we live influences our health, performance, and well-being.

Optimising acoustics is crucial in ensuring a comfortable environment and thus improving our quality of life.

There is a markedly increased awareness of the impact of noise in the built environment. As such, a suitable acoustic design is likely to increase in prominence in a variety of developments.

The current public policy objectives lack support from official technical advice or guidance and the Government has advised that it does not intend to provide such technical guidance. This has created uncertainty for developers, regulators, and their advisers regarding the approach to take on the design of a development.

Finch has found that in the absence of clear guidance there is an increased risk that a development project may be refused and/or constrained by the local authority particularly if lacking specialist acoustics input at an early stage.

Finch has worked on and contributed to several built environment projects where specialist noise and acoustic advice and assistance was required.

A wide range of legislation, standards and guidance is relevant to these areas. Finch is fully conversant with relevant acoustics and vibration requirements, guidance, and assessment techniques, and has significant and recognised expertise in this field.

Acoustic Consultancy Services offered by Finch Consulting include the following:

• impact (noise/vibration) assessment of proposed or existing residential/industrial/ commercial developments (including construction phases);
• impact (noise/vibration) assessment of proposed or existing road/rail developments (including construction phases);
• sustainability and quality (e.g. BREEAM, Home Quality Mark) assessments of buildings (acoustic performance, noise pollution);
• technical review/critical analysis of assessments (disputes, consent, conditions);
• assessment of noise or vibration nuisance and advice on mitigation measures (to reduce nuisance, lessen the impact, achieve conditions);
• advice on design requirements for residential/commercial developments to mitigate noise and vibration impacts.

The above services typically involve: review and analysis of data (supplied and/or generated from surveys and environmental impact assessments); and assessment against legislation, guidance and standards.

For any more information or to discuss anything you have read here, please contact Teli Chinelis or Peter Milner.

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