CE & UKCA Marking Training Course

This one-day training course looks at both the CE marking and the UKCA marking process and their necessary requirements.

It is designed for those involved with the supply of electrical equipment or machinery and deals with;

  • UK Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations / EU Machinery Directive
  • UK Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations / EU Low Voltage Directive
  • RoHS (UK or EU)
  • EMC (UK or EU)
  • UK Radio Equipment Regulations / EU Radio Equipment Directive (where integrated into other equipment)

Some Construction Products can also be considered if required.

The delegates will be contacted prior to the course, asked about their particular interests and invited to submit questions in advance.

An appropriate time for questions will be provided throughout. Questions will be answered as best as possible during the session with a subsequent response if needed.

Both the CE marking and UKCA marking processes describe the procedure for the certification of products in accordance with the specifications in their relevant geographical locations – CE marking for the EU, UKCA for the GB, CE or UKNI+CE for Northern Ireland.

The course will take into account the latest updates from the UK Government at the time of delivery.

At the completion of the CE marking process, affixing of the CE Mark signifies that the equipment complies with all the applicable EU legislation requiring CE marking. It indicates that all mandatory documentation is completed and that the equipment complies with all relevant Essential Requirements of applicable EU legislation.

Similarly, affixing the UKCA Mark indicates that the applicable requirements of all relevant UK product Regulations including those for machinery, electrical equipment, electromagnetic compatibility, restriction of hazardous substances, and radio equipment have been met.


This one-day training course will identify the issues of the above EU and UK regulations, and your responsibilities before they can be placed on the EU and/or UK market.

What will I learn?

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify when products are within the scope of CE or UKCA marking processes.
  • Describe the process to be followed for products sold into and out of Northern Ireland.
  • Distinguish between the roles and responsibilities of:

Machine builders (manufacturers), machine importers, distributors, and machine end-users (employers).

  • Understand when a UK Authorised Representative should be appointed.
  • Understand what information an Importer (within the EU or into the UK) should hold and be able to provide.
  • Demonstrate the difference between CE marking and UKCA marking processes and outline the steps of both processes.
  • The difference between Harmonised and Designated Standards, know how to identify them, knowing what they add to the process and when they should be used.
  • Know when a Notified Body or an Approved Body is required.
  • State what requirements, if any relate to existing and second-hand machinery.
  • Explain the differences between a Declaration of Conformity and a Declaration of Incorporation and summarise the additional duties imposed on an integrator of Partly Completed Machinery.
  • Understand when an equipment end user can become a ‘Manufacturer’.
  • Be aware of what level of modification undertaken by an end user can result in re-CE or re-UKCA marking requirements.

Delegates will leave the course having an understanding of the steps required for the UKCA or CE mark. They will learn valuable new skills relating to the engineering acquisition and commissioning of new and existing machinery.

Please note this course is not specifically designed for manufacturers or suppliers of pressure equipment, medical devices, measuring or weighing instruments, lifts, pyrotechnics, toys, PPE, watercraft, shipping, gas appliances, PPE or explosive atmospheres (as defined by the EU and UK regulations).

Questions regarding content or suitability?

Email [email protected]
For bookings, contact [email protected] or 01530 412777.

Are you in the US exporting to the UK or Europe?

We can offer a virtual training course running over two half-days that is intended for US organisations on the East or West coast that manufacture or sell into the UK or the EU. It looks at both the CE marking and the UKCA marking process and their necessary requirements.

The course will run from 0900 to 1230 Pacific Time (PDT) and can be delivered over two consecutive half days from the United Kingdom by Howard.

Please contact us for available dates.

Course information, dates and costs


Virtual Course from £399 + VAT per person.

In-person Course from £430 +VAT per person (includes refreshments and lunch)

US ONLY: Virtual course from £500 +VAT per person.

Dates (UK):

We’re flexible – Please contact us.


Our virtual course is delivered via Microsoft Teams

Our in-person course is held at The Nest, Ashby de la Zouch, LE65 2AB.

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