Nuisance from industry – acoustic engineers measure noise levels

Finch Consulting often provides services in relation to nuisance or potentially nuisance claims involving industrial premises. However, if we are involved early, we can often assist using our expertise to alleviate the issue and avoid litigation.

Finch Consulting was recently contacted by a legal team representing a light industrial business in London. New residents in the vicinity of the premises have contacted the premises and raised complaints in relation to nuisance arising from the operation of a building services plant that serves the premises.

The residents described the annoying noise as “a jet engine” and said that it was variable and mostly occurred during the daytime but also late in the evening. The residents asked the premises to remove their source of annoyance and gave them a three month ultimatum before they would contact the environmental health department of the Local Authority (in their hope that the impact would be characterized as statutory nuisance and a noise abatement notice served on the premises).

Finch Consulting visited the premises, interviewed the site managers and the complainant residents, took readings of plant noise emissions by switching plant on or off, undertook a long term noise survey at two positions and used all this information to undertake an assessment of the impact using guidance from relevant British Standards.

Finch’s acoustic engineers used their extensive knowledge in noise control for industrial premises and HVAC products in order to propose a variety of different options for the client to consider in order to reduce the plant noise impact. Finch also provided assistance in relation to the potential of the impact categorized as statutory nuisance in order to fine tune the advice and actions in relation to relevant legislation.

The client was grateful to receive a series of options going forward in order to make a holistic decision in accordance with the potential future needs of the business.