A mantra from over three decades of pragmatic risk management experience

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Finch has been advising on engineering, environmental, and health and safety risks across the full business lifecycle for some three decades. Working in manufacturing from FMCG to heavy industry we’ve helped improve many businesses in aspects from asset purchase and management, machinery safety through to DSEAR and pressure equipment.

Client success is assured by the Finch mantra: be at our clients’ sides through thick and thin, always seek the best-balanced outcome for them, don’t make it too complicated (simplify), never present a problem without offering solutions, coach and educate and be open with our expertise so that sustainable approaches and solutions are more likely.

Interrelated risks

Most business risks are interrelated. Finch has therefore grown a world-class integrated environmental, health and safety and engineering team, that can assist with most risk aspects from CDM and functional safety, through to water and emissions. Finch people have themselves worked in industry on the shop floor and in management so are well versed with solving the most difficult problems.

For example, at a well-known bakery, there were concerns with DSEAR compliance and various aged legacy equipment located in different zones. Finch completed an assessment, discussed the findings, then worked with the engineering teams to eliminate and mitigate the explosion risks. The collaborative approach also led to the identification of risks across the group sites. Assistance with a new management system and receipt of a Finch training course means the bakery is now self-sufficient and the explosion risks have been substantially reduced.

Have you considered environmental aspects?

Finch’s environmental expertise encompasses a wide range of aspects from environmental and machinery noise, equipment energy efficiency, through to optimising material flow through a factory to reduce waste and more sustainable resource use. As environmental legislation tightens, Finch is at the forefront of helping companies get ahead of the curve.

Invest time in the beginning!

Increasingly Finch is asked to help projects at the very beginning – at the specification stage and then later at the pre-delivery stages. There are many ways money can be saved when buying machinery, but it all starts with the specification and pre-delivery stages.

If the specification is wrong, even in a small way, it can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds to correct once the asset is in the factory. The specification should include clarity on technical specifications, applicable legislation, and industry and company standards. Finch helps ensure that vital information on engineering, operational, and health, safety and environmental aspects is clearly specified.

As soon as manufacturing of the machine starts, one or more pre-delivery inspections (PDI) must be planned in some detail. Then any issues with guarding, functional safety, ergonomics, energy use, etc. can be resolved before delivery.

Simplifying complexity

Everyday Finch helps its clients bring clarity and focus to the complexity of often interacting engineering, environmental, and health and safety business risks, by finding pragmatic balanced solutions to the problems.

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