Ride or Park Asset Management?

An asset management system really needs to be about the park. The park is the infrastructure – operations and engineering – that surrounds the rides. Of course, a business may have more than one park, then an asset management system should be scaled accordingly.

Scott Ingram and I have just returned from IAAPA #EAS2017 in Berlin. After many conversations about what good park asset management looks like, over the next few months we’ll be publishing a few of our insights on LinkedIn and Twitter @FinchConfidence

Whether operating new or legacy rides, a good park asset management system will protect brand reputation, maintain safety, enhance park profitabilityhelp build an accurate balance sheet and increase ride availability. It will help your park operations and ride engineering departments be pro-active and “preventative” throughout the life of your rides – from specification through to decommissioning. And, it will help your Financial Director! 

Asset management is about managing risk…but you need to start with a good idea of what the risks are.

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